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    Oct 9, 2019

    First 800 customers are free to register

    Hi, Dear All

    Welcome to, the biggest construction information platform in SG.

    now the first 800 customers will be free offered for registration, the step as the below:

    1. go to website “”
    2. sign up-fill in username/email address, etc.  Eg. The First name/Last name will be showed in CONBIZ page later, it is normally the short name of company, and username need to be remembered to login later.
    3. Activate the success email-click the link in email
    4. Complete your company detail including logo, UEN and basic information in your account.

    Now you can post, comment, and bid for tender, you also can be searched by google or searched by work scope in CONBIZ.

    you can start your amazing work now!