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    ACCOUNT ID: ACU (1955)

    • Acu(1955) Contract Pte. Ltd.


    ACU started as a humble beginning in 1955 as a manufacturer of loose furniture, upholstery works and interior contractor.

    ACU (1955) CONTRACT PTE LTD was incorporated in 1999 and re-focused its business into interior renovation works, that involve interior designing, planning and project management, including all types of ceilings, partitions, interfacing wet works to all custom made built in furniture, timber trellis and loose furniture etc.

    With emphasis on innovation, quality, management process and value proposition, we grew at a significant 48% CAGR over the last five years.

    Our team of Project Managers and carpenters are experienced in projects of various magnitudes ranging from small to mega scale projects, such as:-

    Commercial projects :
    Shopping Centres, Hotels, Shop Houses & Offices

    Private Residential projects :
    Condominiums, Terrace and Bungalows Houses

    Government projects :
    Hospitals, Schools etc.

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    • Company Name: Acu(1955) Contract Pte. Ltd.
    • Reg No.: 199907795C
    • Email:
    • Work Scope: Interior Decoration & Finishing Works(ID works)
    • BCA License: GB1
    • BCA Workheads: CR06 / L3
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    • Awarded: 0
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    • Contact Person: Mr.
    • Contact No.: 67430523
    • Fax No.: 67475769
    • Location: 9 TAGORE LANE #04-08 9 @ TAGORE Singapore 787472
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