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    • Astec Technology Pte. Ltd.


    Our business strategies are into 2 main trades mainly on Mechanized Carpark System and BMU Gondola System. We are also solution provider in any construction related activities in our trade of field. Astec Technology Pte. Ltd. have BCA license of CR01, RW02.
    In fact, our company has a vast set of relevant skills to provide services in Design & Build and Installation and After Sales Maintenance for our core businesses. Meanwhile, Astec Technology is focusing on niche market of high technology for providing design support in complicated Building Façade and Mechanized Carpark System.
    Astec Technology has extended in the services ranges to provide Mechanized Carpark installation, BMU (Counterweight Balancing Suspension) system, BMU (Davit Arms) Gondola System, BMU (Monorail) Gondola System, BMU (Lifeline) System installation at Hotels, Condominiums, and some prestigious projects.

    Astec Technology is operated and prides itself on continual commitment to providing the highest possible standard of

    SAFETY COMPLIANCES, Building Access Solution and Total Customer Services.

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    • Company Name: Astec Technology Pte. Ltd.
    • Reg No.: 201210512R
    • Email:
    • Work Scope: BMU gondola system, MCP system, Mechanized Carpark system
    • BCA License: Others
    • BCA Workheads: CR01 / Others
    • Project posted: 0
    • Awarded: 0
    • Rating:
    • Contact Person: Mr. Henry Ng
    • Contact No.: 98783134
    • Fax No.: 65471307/68416681
    • Location: 701 SIMS DRIVE #05-03 LHK BUILDING Singapore 387383
    • Website:
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