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    Incorporated in 1968 . Ban Nee Chen Pte Ltd has grown and developed into a well established company. It offers a wide range of professional landscaping and nursary business including ornamental horticulture. Ban Nee Chen Pte Ltd serves a wide clientele that include home-owners, schools, companies, hotels, statutory boards and town councils, condominiums. Our impressive list of clients and locations will attest to our capabilities as trusted name with the potential to work with partners within Singapore and beyond. 

    We have a dedicated team of about 150 staff, inclusive of our horticulturist, sales team, landscape designers, experienced supervisors and skilled gardeners.


    • Towards Our Customers
      We are committed to providing excellent quality service that caters to all of our valued customers’ needs. We offer both creative and flexible customized solutions specifically tailored to fit yourrequirements.
    • Towards Our Staff
      We value our staff and they are our assets. Every staff is given the opportunity to develop themselves professionally to provide more creative and innovative solutions to their clients.
    • Towards the Society
      We assumed the role of guardian for the environment. Our ultimate objective is to contribute to a cleaner, greener, more colourful, healthier and richer society for our future generations.
    • Future Directions
      We will be venturing to overseas to gather new ideas and materials that will enhance our degree of Landscaping Consultancy Services. At the same time, we hope to enter the market for the retail and wholesale of fresh flowers. Providing fresh and artificial floral arrangements for our existing occasional potted plants’ clients is another of our many ventures.
    • We will put more emphasis in quality service as we have established ourselves as one of Singapore’s most prominent and reliable landscaping company.

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    • Company Name: BAN NEE CHEN PTE LTD
    • Reg No.: 200208674R
    • Email:
    • Work Scope: Landscaping
    • BCA License:
    • BCA Workheads: MW03/L2
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    • Contact Person: HE YE
    • Contact No.: 96424652/63455515
    • Fax No.: 63456729
    • Location: 45, Amber Road, sginapore 439886
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